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  3. NC-840D-PM - Description

NC-840D-PM / Курс NC-840D-PM - (NC-840D-PM)

  • The course is intended for the technologists-programmers developing the operating programs for milling machines with SINUMERIK 828D/840D sl in the Sinumerik Operate interface. The course can be also useful to CNC setup men. The course provides the operating programs for systems of SINUMERIK of sl/840Di sl/828D sl family 840D for milling machines which are trained all basic concepts, knowledge and skills of development


  • • Получение навыков работы с УЧПУ SINUMERIK 828D/840D sl для фрезерных станков. Знакомство с методами разработки управляющих программ в G-кодах и на языке ShopMill. Визуализация обработки детали и отладка программы.
Type Face-to-face training
Duration 5 days
Language ru

Target Group

  • Programmers
  • Commissioning engineers
  • Service personnel
  • Operators


  • - Bases of metal-cutting machines with SINUMERIK
    • Technology bases
    • Fundamentals of geometry
    • Simple elements of a contour
    • Basic mathematical principles
    • Zero points: zero point of a detail and reference point
  • - Programming bases
    • Structure of the program
    • Correction of radius of the cutting edge
    • Subprogrammes
    • Cycles, transitions and repetitions
    • Reflection, shift, rotation and scaling of system of coordinates
  • - Work bases with the ChPU machine
    • Elements of management (operator's components)
    • Turning on of the machine
    • Working zone MACHINE
    • Jog operating mode
    • MDA operating mode
    • Automatic operating mode
    • Working zone PARAMETRY
    • Working zone PROGRAMME
    • Manager of programs, editor of programs
    • Working zone DIAGNOSTICS
    • Working zone COMMISSIONING
  • - Technological programming in G-codes by means of the master of "programGUIDE"
    • Programming bases by means of the master of "programGUIDE"
    • Drilling: guide to programming
    • Milling: guide to programming
    • Milling of contours: guide to programming
    • Measurements by means of the master of "programGUIDE"
  • - Technological programming in ShopMill
    • Programming bases in ShopMill
    • Drilling in ShopMill
    • Milling in ShopMill
    • Milling of contours in ShopMill
    • Programming by means of straight lines and circles in ShopMill
    • Measurements in ShopMill
    • Cycles


  • Experience with the Windows operating system is desirable