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  • As SIMATIC PCS 7 Engineer you will learn in this course the potential of the SIMATIC PCS 7-process control software with focus on AS-Engineering. As important topics for advanced SIMATIC PCS 7 Engineers the integration of Profinet in SIMATIC PCS 7, the Advanced Process Library (APL), the configuration of SFC-Types, as well as principles and methods supporting an efficient AS-Engineering are in the center of the course. By practical exercises at training equipment you will put your newly acquired theoretical knowledge into the practice. Through this you increase your learning success. On completion of the course, you are able to engineer a process automation optimally and efficiently.


  • Курс предназначен для разработчиков систем управления и обслуживающего персонала, которому необходимо проводить доработки и модернизации проекта на базе SIMATIC PCS 7. Курс является продолжением начального курса ST- PCS7SYS.
  • В курсе в компактной форме рассказывается о проектировании системы автоматизации (AS) в среде SIMATIC PCS7. Большое внимание уделено концепции “тип – экземпляр”. Рассмотрена опция “SIMATIC LogicMatrix“, предназначенная для проектирования сложных алгоритмов блокировок. Рассмотрено программирование типов SFC, а также проектирование технических объектов (EMT, EPHT).
Type Face-to-face training
Duration 5 days
Language ru

Target Group

  • Service personnel


  • - PCS 7 project handling
    • Multiproject engineering and Multiuser engineering
    • Upgrade of block libraries with CPU 410-5H
    • Comparing project versions with the Version Cross Manager, Versioning using Version Trail
    • Licenses and current license model with CPU 410-5H
  • - System design - Planing and specifying hardware components
    • Memory and cycle time resources of the CPU
    • Important CPU settings
    • Behavior when maximum cycle time exceeded
    • Time synchronization
    • Redundant automation systems
    • Topology comparison of Profibus vs. Profinet in SIMATIC PCS 7
  • - Central bulk engineering with the Import/Export Assistan
    • Structure of the import file
    • Creating process tag types and importing process tags
    • Modifying process tag types, Updating and exporting process tags
  • - Central bulk engineering with Advanced ES
    • Comparison of control module types vs. Process tag types, manually editing
    • Introduction of Advanced ES, Bulk engineering in Advanced ES
    • Updating control modules and variants / optional blocks
  • - Technologic engineering with APL
    • Basic APL functions
    • Configuration of dosing functions
  • - Advanced Process Control with APL
    • Introduction of APC functions
    • Control performance monitoring and PID tuning
  • - Sequential control with SFC types
    • Basics, Operating State Logic
    • Configuration of SFC types
    • Characteristics as interface of SFC types, Changing control strategy and setpoints


  • Attendance of training course ST-PCS7SYS recommended
  • Basic knowledge of process control engineering
  • Practical experience in SIMATIC PCS 7 project engineering


  • Практические упражнения выполняются с использованием учебных стендов c контроллерами SIMATIC S7-400 c CPU 410, распределённой периферии - станция ET200M. В качестве объекта управления применяется специально созданная модель, достаточно правдоподобно имитирующая установку с четырьмя реакторами.