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  • The course is intended for professionals involved in the commissioning, commissioning and maintenance of SIMOREG DC drives.


  • • During the course, the hardware part of SIMOREG DC Master is studied, its commissioning using built-in control panels and the Drive Monitor program, setting and optimization of the drive, integrating it into automatic control systems.
Type Face-to-face training
Duration 5 days 5 Days
Language ru

Target Group

  • Commissioning engineers, configuring engineers
  • Service personnel
  • Maintenance personnel


  • - Bases of mechanics of the electric drive
  • - Electromechanical properties of the engine of a direct current
  • - Regulation of coordinates of the electric drive in system the operated converter - the engine
  • - The operated converters of a direct current
  • - The adjustable electric drive on the basis of SIMOREG DCM converters
  • - Appointment, main functions, scopes and technical characteristics of converters
  • - Principle of construction, functional and electric schemes of power part of the converter
  • - Connection of power chains of the converter
  • - Connection of the operating ides of auxiliary chains of the converter
  • - Electromagnetic compatibility of power chains and chains of management
  • - Software of the converter
  • - Control panel converter
  • - Control of the converter by means of the PMI control panel
  • - Function charts of control systems of the electric drive
  • - Structures of management of anchor current, current of excitement, EMF and speed of DPT
  • - Static and dynamic characteristics of the electric drive for various structures of management
  • - Setup of the SIMOREG DCM converter for realization of the set structure of management.


  • For successful passing of a course the higher technical or secondary vocational education, basic knowledge of electrical equipment, the theory of the electric drive and the theory of automatic control is desirable


  • Practical exercises are carried out at stands with SIMOREG DC Master converters, engines of a direct current with independent excitement, the personal computer with the Drive Monitor program.