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  3. NC-84SLSIP - Description


  • This course teaches you how to configure the SINUMERIK 840D sl and it provides you with the knowledge required to create, test and start up special system configurations. You practice startup and service in exercises on training devices. On completion of the course, you will have mastered startup of the SINUMERIK 840D sl control system with a SINAMICS S120. Thanks to the knowledge gained of the different functions of the control, you will be able to pinpoint and correct faults. In this way, you will contribute toward minimizing standstill times and maximizing the productivity of your machine.


  • Получение основных знаний, необходимых для успешного запуска системы SINUMERIK 840D sl, а также проведения квалифицированного обслуживания.
Type Face-to-face training
Duration 10 days
Language ru

Target Group

  • Service personnel


  • - Overview and components of the SINUMERIK 840D sl
  • - Introduction to operation
  • - Overview of the SINUMERIK 840D sl functions
  • - Data backup and restart
  • - Analysis of the fault displays and diagnostics displays
  • - Machine data for the channel configuration, axis configuration and spindle configuration
  • - Drive configration and fundamentals of optimization
  • - Adaptation of the control funcions to the machine with machine data and interface signals
  • - Startup of compensations and axis couplings
  • - PLC basic program
  • - Structure of the user program
  • - NC/PLC interface structure, interface signals and user alarms
  • - Basics Tool management
  • - Settings for SINUMERIK Operate
  • - Introduction to Easyscreen
  • - Practical startup and service training on training devices


  • Experience in Windows
  • Initial knowledge of drawing up PLC programs for the SIMATIC S7-300 controler (within the courses ST-7SERV1, ST-7SERV2).