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SMD / Курс SMD (SMD)

  • The course is intended for specialists involved in the commissioning, commissioning and maintenance of SIMOVERT MASTER DRIVES DC drives.


  • • During the course, the properties of asynchronous and synchronous electric motors, the device and properties of a transistor frequency converter (FC) with a DC link are studied. The paper considers the use of the Simovert VC converter and an asynchronous electric motor for the implementation of various technological modes, methods of constructing and optimizing closed-loop automatic control systems using built-in FC tools, diagnostics of the state of an electric drive, behavior in non-standard and emergency situations.
Type Face-to-face training
Duration 5 days 5 Days
Language ru

Target Group

  • Commissioning engineers, configuring engineers
  • Service personnel
  • Maintenance personnel


  • - Electromechanical properties of engines of alternating current
  • - Regulation of coordinates of the electric drive of alternating current
  • - Bases of the theory of automatic control
  • - It is frequency the adjustable electric drive of alternating current of Simovert Master Drives
  • - Appointment, main functions, scopes and technical characteristics of converters
  • - Frequency converter device
  • - Functional and electric schemes. Connection of chains of management and power chains
  • - Electromagnetic compatibility and protection against hindrances
  • - Additional options PCh Simovert Master Drives
  • - Principles of creation of a control system of PCh Simovert Master Drives
  • - Functional blocks, connectors and binektor, word of management and word of a state
  • - Parameters and groups of parameters. PCh control, management and diagnostics
  • - Block diagrams of a control system of the electric drive
  • - The opened control system. Stages of control and check of operability of elements of management
  • - The closed system of scalar management. Stages of control and check of operability of the electric drive
  • - The closed systems of vector control of the electric drive. Stages of control and check of operability of the electric drive
  • - Additional opportunities of Simovert Master Drives converters
  • - Special functions
  • - Free functional blocks
  • - Communication of PCh among themselves and with a control system of the top level


  • For successful passing of a course the higher technical or secondary vocational education, basic knowledge of electrical equipment, the theory of the electric drive and the theory of automatic control is desirable


  • Practical exercises are carried out at the demonstration stand Siemens with the SIMOVERT MASTER DRIVES VC converter.