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Face-to-face training

SINAMICS G120 Oppstart og Service (DR-G12-PM)
Learn to parameterize and commission the drive SINAMICS G120. You will get an overview of SINAMICS G120, how to commission it with STARTER, how to set control and st...
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no NO

Face-to-face training

SINAMICS G120 Parameterizing and Commissioning Course (DR-G12-PM)
SINAMICS G120 allow the variable-speed operation of induction motors to drive pumps, fans, conveyor systems and many other machines. This course shows you how to han...
en GB
en GB

Face-to-face training

SINAMICS G120 - Service and commissioning in TIA Portal (DR-G12-PMT)
In this course you learn to commission the inverter and adapt the parameters. You can make a data backup, and taking the appropriate measures when faults occur. SINA...
de, mu, en, fr, nl BE, LU
de, mu, en, fr, nl BE, LU
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