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  2. IK-PBSYS - Description

PROFIBUS konfigurering og feilsøking med ProfiTrace (IK-PBSYS)

  • Kurset gir deg en gjennomgang av Profibus, installasjon, diagnose og feilsøking. Deltakerne får en grundig teoretisk kunnskap og praktiske øvelser med ulike analytiske testverktøy som Profitrace. Konfigurasjon og kommunikasjon med Profibus deltakere i Simatic S7 og integrasjon av slaver fra forskjellige produsenter. Du får kjennskap til kommunikasjonsmulighetene i Simatic S7. Konfigurering av S7 master, både enkle, modulære og intelligente DP slaver fra forskjellige produsenter og bruke diagnose i PLS og HMI systemer.


  • The course teaches the essential theoretical fundamentals of PROFIBUS protocols and services. You will learn how to use the tools for startup, service, testing and diagnostics.
  • Learn the different methods of setting up PROFIBUS networks (RS 485 network components, fiber optics) from Siemens, the market leader for PROFIBUS applications! You will reinforce your theoretical knowledge with numerous practical exercises on SIMATIC S7 devices with HMI components.
  • On completion of this practice-oriented course, you will be able to install and optimize a PROFIBUS DP network, and you will learn step-by-step how you can limit and correct faults quickly.
  • This blended-learning course combines Web-based training on the Internet with a 3-day attendance course. For an optimized postprocessing of the attendance course you get the WBT "PROFIBUS". By using these learning media, you increase your personal learning success in the attendance course.
Type Face-to-face training
Duration 3 days
Language no

Target Group

  • Programmers
  • Commissioning engineers
  • Engineering personnel
  • Maintenance personnel
  • Service personnel
  • Operators


  • PROFIBUS fundamentals in accordance with EN50170/IEC 61158
  • Overview of PROFIBUS devices and network components
  • Connectors, tools, laying
  • measurements with the BT200
  • PROFIBUS diagnostics
  • Connecting an HMI device to PROFIBUS
  • Troubleshooting


  • SIMATIC S7 knowledge according to ST-PRO2 or ST-SERV2


  • In these course you will work with the SIMATIC STEP 7 V5.x software
  • Documentation in English.
  • Register in the calender one week before the training starts.


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