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Load Collision Prevention System (CR-LCPS)


  • The course is mainly focused on a seamless integration and commissioning of the LCPS system into RTG Crane Controls. LCPS key components include IPC, 3D/2D Lasers and runtime system.
Type Face-to-face training
Duration 3 days
Language en

Target Group

  • Crane software engineers and commissioning engineers who have to engineer / commission SIMOCRANE LCPS


  • To understand:
    • functionality and system behavior
    • system composition and involved components
    • communication between subsystems
    • configuration, settings and calibration
    • maintenance points of attentions
  • Able to:
    • commission LCPS step by step
    • preset the system
    • calibrate the system including laser scanners
    • check system on completeness in hardware and software
    • verify system functionality


  • Knowledge of cranes functionalities
    Long-term experience in commissioning crane installations
    Knowledge of quality of installation works like grounding and EMC requirements
  • In possession of the required commissioning tools:
    a. Siemens Field PG or a Notebook/Laptop with:
    • TIA software Portal V13 SP1Upd5 inclusive license key
    • SIMATIC STEP 7 Safety Advanced V13 inclusive license key
    • PROFIBUS adapter with PROFIBUS cable for downloading TIA project
  • b. Others:
    • Ethernet cable for remote connection to Microbox IPC
    • USB stick 16GB for image creation (image creator SW with license necessary)


1,600 EUR