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English training NEN 3140 / 3840 (H-NEN3140E)

Short Description

  • Working safely in electrical installations requires a common and unambiguous interpretation of applicable standards. In today’s work practice, both native and non-Dutch speaking technicians work together on the same projects. That is why an English training has been developed on the interpretation of the NEN 3140/3840 standards.


  • After attending this training the participant has knowledge on:
  • • The scope of NEN 3140/3840 with regard to rules, legislation and save operation.
  • • Electrical safety: identifying risks and hazards.
  • • Operational work- and safety procedures.
  • • Siemens Nederland specific regulations and interpretations.
  • After attending this training the participant knows how to:
  • • Look up and interpret the relevant themes in NEN 3140/3840 standards.
  • • Identify the roles, responsibilities and authorities of personnel.
  • • Identify the actions needed to create a safe workplace and explain their purpose.
  • • Consult and apply the rules and regulations of Siemens Nederland.
Type Face-to-face training
Duration 1 day
Language en

Target Group

  • This NEN 3140/3840 training is targeted at non-Dutch speaking employees of Siemens Nederland, who are required to perform work activity on, with, or nearby electrical installations in accordance with NEN 3140/3840.
  • Siemens Nederland applies the highest safety standards. The training is therefore also suitable for employees of external companies.


  • This course covers the following topics:
    • Dutch Occupational Health and Safety Law
    • NEN 3140 and NEN 3840 on employee duties
    • Risks of electricity
    • Work procedures to work on or near installations
    • Rules for the use of personal protective equipment
    • Siemens Netherlands regulations and handling of designation procedures
  • Furthermore, the course includes many practical exercises on our mobile panels with various electrical installations.


  • General knowledge of electrical engineering and specific knowledge of the installations in which the work is carried out.


550 EUR