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WinCC Unified Scripting (TIA-UWCCJA)

  • WinCC Unified provides you with many system functions for configuration. If these system functions are no longer sufficient, JavaScript is an alternative. In this course you will get to know the basics of JavaScript in the WinCC Unified environment. You will create your own scripts and learn which diagnostic options you have for scripts. For this purpose, the individual topics will be presented to you directly in TIA Portal. Afterwards you can consolidate the presented topics with exercises in the project prepared for this purpose.


  • After attending the course you will be able to:
    • Extend the functionality of WinCC Unified via JavaScript
    • Manage local scripts and global scripts
    • Perform diagnostic tasks on scripts
Type Face-to-face training
Duration 1 day
Language it

Target Group

    • Programmes
    • Commissiong technicians
    • Engineering technicians
    • Maintenance tehcnicians


    • JavaScript editor in TIA Portal
    • JavaScript basics: data types, operations, reading and writing variables
    • Typical constructs: IF_THEN_ELSE, FOR loop, …
    • Objects and snippets
    • Global modules: Global definition area, Global function
    • Script: diagnostics and troubleshooting
    • Tips & Tricks


  • WinCC Unified basic knowloedge