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Getting started per semplici applicazioni SIMATIC HMI (SIE-HMIC)

  • To be able to control and command a system it is necessary to have a practical and clear display interface from which to manage digital commands and thresholds. The course provides the ability to create small man-machine interface applications through the use of the most commonly used features for the SIMATIC HMI Basic operator panels, with the aim of managing a small automation via HMI.


  • After attending the course, you can:
    • Configure the connection with a SIMATIC HMI Basic Panel
    • Check and monitor the variables of a PLC
    • Create a simple graphical interface for your plant
Type Online-Training
Duration 4 hours
Language it

Target Group

  • Programmers
  • Commissioning engineers
  • Engineering personnel
  • Maintenance personnel
  • Service personnel


    • System architecture
    • Installing the SIMATIC WinCC Basic software (TIA Portal)
    • Overview of the functionality of the SIMATIC HMI Basic operator monitoring and control systems
    • Communication configuration
    • Configuration of variables
    • Creating pages and navigation
    • Dynamization of static objects
    • Command configuration: I / O fields and buttons
    • Download a project to a panel
    • Backup and restore functionality

  • Theoretical knowledge will be deepened with practical exercises by accessing a remote system. This is made up of:
    • SIMATIC HMI Basic Panel
    • SIMATIC S7-1500
    • PC station with SIMATIC WinCC Basic (TIA Portal)


  • No requirements.


  • This course delivery data will be decided together with you: please get in touch to, tell us your needs and we'll be glad to find a tailored solution for you!

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  • This SIE-learning 4.0 is preparatory for the TIA-WCCM course.
  • At the end of the course you can deepen the topics covered through our SIE-learning 4.0: SIE-HMIADV e SIE-HMIEX.


960 EUR
Price for semi individual session up to 2 participants

1400 EUR
Price for session up to 5 participants

2240 EUR
Price for session up to 10 participants


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