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On line-Training Corso base certificato WinCC Open Architecture (WINCCOABAS)

  • SIMATIC WinCC Open Architecture is designed for applications of large scale and high complexity as well as projects with special requirements on system prerequisites and customized functionality. With SIMATIC WinCC OA, you can build vendor- and platform-independent SCADA systems that are scalable and offer unlimited global access over the web – even over native iOS and Android user interfaces or browser-based clients. Due to the scalability and flexibility it is the perfect choice to create solutions including centralized control stations and geographically widely distributed systems. The participant who completes the training will receive a certificate of participation which will be required for any advanced level courses.


  • After attending the course, you can:
    • Create a SIMATIC WinCC OA project
    • Manage databases through the PARA tool
    • Organize alarms and create archives
    • Use the GEDI graphic editor
    • Use the System Management tools
Type Online-Training
Duration 5 days
Language it

Target Group

  • Programmer
  • Commissioning engineer
  • Project engineer
  • Maintainer
  • Maintenance staff
  • Service people
  • Operator


    • System overview
    • WinCC OA concepts: managers, the PARA module, the GEDI module
    • Control scripting, syntax and constructs
    • Creation of graphics and animations / scripting
    • Faceplate
    • Topology of pages
    • User / authorization management
    • Alarm management
    • Object Oriented Datapoints
    • (Power) -configs
    • Complex graphic objects
    • Multilingual support
    • Zoom and other gestures
    • Historical database, archiving and archive compression
    • Connection to PLC (peripherals)
    • Mass-engineering
    • Trend
    • Scripts and libraries
    • Online backup
    • Emergency mode
    • "Hot-Standby" Redundancy Concepts
    • Concepts of distributed systems (DIST manager)


  • Knowledge of Microsoft Windows operating systems (use, configuration, diagnostic tools).
  • Basic knowledge of SCADA systems.
  • Good familiarity with structured programming.


  • The minimum hardware and software requirements for the PC that the trainee should bring to the course is:
    • Processor Intel Core i3 2,2GHz
    • RAM 2GB
    • HDD 2GB free disk space
    • Monitor 1280x1024
    • Operating system Windows 7 SP1 (64bit), Windows 8.1 (64 bit), Windows Server 2008 R2 (64 bit), Windows Server 2012 R2 (64 bit), Linux RedHat Enterprise 7.1 (64 bit), Linux OpenSuse 13.2 (64 bit), CentOS 7.1 (64 bit)