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Fondamenti di Network Security (SIE-CYBSEC)

  • Industry 4.0 is closely linked to the connection of systems. This allows for greater manufacturing efficiency globally through data analysis and centralized plant control, but also exposes the potential threats of the World Wide Web. The course will make you aware of the potential risks and dangers in the use of industrial networks. It will allow you to acquire the knowledge for the use of products that have Integrated Security and the potential that SCALANCE S and S7-1500 automation systems offer regarding Cyber Security. It will also provide you with knowledge on setting up industrial security measures for network security.


  • After attending the course, you can:
    • Recognize what risks your plant may be subject to
    • Implement the basic rules for network security
    • Configure and integrate suitable devices into your system to prevent unwanted access
Type Online-Training
Duration 4 hours
Language it

Target Group

  • Systems engineers
  • Plant managers
  • Programmers
  • Commissioning personnel
  • Engineering personnel


    • Potential Risks to Network Security
    • Defense-in-depth with Siemens and holistic security concept (multi-layered security)
    • Update and availability of safety components (hot swap)
    • Possible threats in a network
    • Basic security measures (ports, passwords, protocols, etc.)
    • System integrity: access restriction
    • Industrial network security: connection of standard machines to networks
    • System security: remote access via VPN


  • SIE-ETHBA course or equivalent basic knowledge.
  • Basic knowledge of the operating principles of switches and routers.


  • This course delivery data will be decided together with you: please get in touch to, tell us your needs and we'll be glad to find a tailored solution for you!

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760 EUR
Price for semi individual session up to 2 participants

1400 EUR
Price for session up to 5 participants


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