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Online Training - DigiEPC Program for Indian EPC professionals (OL-DIGIEPC)


  • DigiEPC program has been designed keeping the Indian EPC Professionals in mind.
  • This Program aims to equip the participants in the latest knowhow about
  • Automation & Digitalization offerings in EPC segment. This program shall briefly cover the following topics : know-how, standards, specifications & Siemens offerings
    • New & Future technologies relevant to EPC Market
    • Cyber Security
    • Energy Efficiency
    • Future of Automation that includes Artificial Intelligence, IOT, Industrial Edge etc.
    • Trends in Visualization
    • Safety systems
    • Virtual Commissioning
    • Advanced Innovation Portfolio from Siemens
Type Online-Training
Duration 3 days One day per week in three consecutive weeks.
Language en

Target Group

  • Candidates from EPC Segment who are contributing for following departments in their respective organization
    • Sales & Marketing
    • Projects
    • Consulting
    • Services
    • Operations
    • Maintenance
    • And any other relevant department for EPC Business
    • Candidates must belong to an organization which is operational in India, since this is a focus program for Indian EPC professionals.


  • Safety
    • Safety standards globally and in India
    • Relevance to EPC Business
    • Basics of Safety system Implementation
    • Safety specifications
    • Siemens Offerings for safety system

  • Energy Efficiency
    • Standards
    • Relevance to EPC Business
    • Siemens Offerings in Energy Efficiency systems

  • Cyber Security
    • Standards
    • Relevance to EPC Business
    • Siemens Offerings in Cyber Security

  • Future of Automation
    • Industrial Edge
    • Artificial Intelligence
    • IOT
    • Relevance of same in EPC Business

  • Trends in Visualization
  • Future of Visualization
  • Virtual Commissioning & relevance to EPC Business
  • Advanced Innovation Portfolio from Siemens

    • No hands On
    • Only Webinars & presentation
    • Small Exercises during the session to improve learning


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