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Siemens Ltd.


Kalwa Works,

Thane Belapur Road, Airoli,

Opposite Airoli Railway Station

Navi Mumbai - 400708, Maharashtra

Tel.: 0091-22-39663208


Online Training - SIMATIC S7-400 with SIMATIC Manager (Advance Course) (AS-OL-400A)


  • To make participants aware and familiar with:
    • SIMATIC S7-400 automation system
    • STEP7 Classic software (SIMATIC Manager)
    • Advance programming concepts in STEP7
    • Troubleshooting of S7-400 system
Type Online-Training
Duration 3 days Everyday training will be conducted in 3 slots with 2 breaks in between.
Language en

Target Group

    • Service engineers
    • Programmers
    • Commissioning engineers
    • Maintenance engineers


  • Hardware topics
    • System overview of SIMATIC controller families
    • SIMATIC S7-400 family in detail
    • Hardware configuration of S7-400 controller in STEP7
    • Module installation and wiring

  • SIMATIC Manager topics
    • SIMATIC Manager i.e. STEP7 Classic software overview
    • Licensing concept for STEP7

  • Software and Programming concepts
    • Linear v/s structured programming approach
    • Effective programming using function and function blocks
    • Use and need of data blocks
    • Types of data blocks
    • Multiple instance programming
    • Complex data types
    • Programming of Real Time Clock(RTC)
    • Jump instructions
    • Overview of indirect addressing
    • Concept of Organization blocks

  • Communication - Explanation and demo only
    • S7-400 controller with remote station on Profinet(PN)/Profibus DP protocol

  • Hardware redundancy in S7-400 – Explanation and demo only
    • Concept of single fault tolerant hardware redundant systems
    • S7-400H configuration
    • Organization blocks to deal with H system

    • Application example-based exercises after each topic.


    • Basic know how about automation technology is must
    • Basic knowledge of electrical technology and digital electronics is essential
    • SIMATIC S7-400 Basic course is highly recommended


    • SOFTWARE VERSION: STEP7 v5.6 Professional SR2
    • A computer or laptop with Windows 7/10 OS and a stable internet
  • connection. (We recommend a data transfer rate of 16 Mbit/s.)
    • Microsoft Teams platform for technical presentations and demo.
  • (We recommend using desktop app for best possible use of all functions).
    • Goggle Chrome internet browser for assessing virtual lab solution for hands-on


21,000 INR
18% GST additional on Course fee