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    • In this course, SIMATIC PCS 7 users will become familiar with the possibilities of the SIMATIC PCS 7 process control software with an emphasis on the AS.
    • The focus is on application of the various type/instance concepts in SIMATIC PCS 7, which support efficient AS engineering, including working with process tag types and control module types, application of SFC. With the help of SIMATIC PCS 7 Logic Matrix, you will create complex interlock functions in your user program quickly and easily.
    • Through practical exercises put newly acquired theoretical knowledge into practice. This will increase your learning success.
    • After the course, you will be able to configure process automation optimally and efficiently.
Type Online-Training
Duration 5 days Full time
Language en

Target Group

    • Project manager, project staff, Technologists
    • Configuring engineers, programmer
    • Commissioning engineers
    • Maintainer


  • Project management :
    • Multiproject and multiuser engineering: Configuring in the network
    • Update of block types in Run (TCiR)
    • Comparison and versioning of project versions with Version Train and Version Cross Manager
    • Licenses and configuration limits in PCS 7 as well as the current license model with the CPU 410-5H

  • Type/instance concept, process tag type and IEA :
    • Bulk data processing with the Import/Export Assistant (IEA) and IEA file editor
    • Changes to process tag type and synchronization of process tags
    • Adaptation of existing charts as process tags (branches)

  • Type/instance concepts with control modules and technological list editor :
    • Basics of the type concept with control module types
    • Configuring of control module types
    • Bulk data processing with the technological list editor
    • Variants of control modules based on optional blocks
    • Synchronization behavior

  • System layout and hardware configurationr :
    • Memory concept and system architecture
    • Important CPU settings and response to maximum cycle time violation
    • Updating of the HW CatLog
    • Time synchronization
    • Current redundancy concepts of PCS 7

  • Configuring of interlocks with the SIMATIC PCS 7 Logic Matrix :
    • Positioning, definition of terms and signal processing
    • Engineering and visualization of SIMATIC Logic Matrix

  • Sequential control systems with SFC types :
    • Calculations, state logic and state transitions in the SFC
    • Basics and configuring of SFC types
    • Change of control strategy and setpoints for an SFC instance

  • Application of APC Library :
    • Overview APC Tools in the PCS7 Libraries and APC-Examples, Controller optimization using the PID Tuner
    • Digitalization offerings in Process Industries

  • Hands on :
    • Exercises defined based on Topic explained.
    • Hands on practice.


    • Completion of the PCS7 Basics course is recommended
    • Basic knowledge of process control engineering
    • Practical experience in configuring SIMATIC PCS 7


  • Software Version: PCS7 V9.0


42,500 INR
18% GST additional on Course fees


Participant feedback

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