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SITRAIN General terms & conditions for classroom trainings

Note: Training Centre (SITRAIN-Siemens Kalwa) & 5-STE (SITRAIN Training Executor) are all centrally coordinated, monitored & controlled by Siemens-SITRAIN, Kalwa. 1) Registration-booking of seats for all clients at ALL Training Centers & Courses will be made Online ==>
Cotact Details: 022 3966 3208 / E-mail: .
2) Course fee is to be paid in advance only on confirmation of seat, in the form of NEFT/Cheque drawn in favor of SIEMENS LTD & payable at Mumbai. We also accept all major Credit Cards / Debit Cards. (Visa/Master).
The course fee includes the course material, breakfast, lunch and tea. However, travel and stay will be in customer scope.
3) Since there are limited seats in each program, seats are confirmed on 1st come 1st served basis. Course timings are from 8.30 AM to 5.00 PM.
4) (A) Every attempt will be made to conduct courses as announced. However, we reserve the right to postpone or cancel the courses due to inadequate booking or circumstances beyond our control. We shall do our best to send timely communication in such situations.
(B) Every attempt will also be made to accommodate the participants with SEATS at nearest (geographically) Siemens Training Centre in your area. This is valid for all parts of India including North/South/East/West & Central India.
5) Please note that the course fee is exclusive of any taxes. GST at the current rate of 18% is applicable extra on the course fees. However, any change in the Service tax rate/tax structure will be accordingly applied at actuals at the time of billing.
6) All the transactions (mainly commercial) like Training Order, Payment should be done necessarily through your nearest Siemens Regional Office and Swipe by Credit/Debit card. You may contact us here at SITRAIN Kalwa Training Centre for any query.
7) We have SPECIAL SUBSIDIZED PRICES AVAILABLE FOR COLLEGE-STUDENTS. Please get in touch with the mentioned contact details and our website ==> for more information on this. Email: (Contact No. 022 3966 3208)


1) Training schedules & Courses Fees etc. for all courses & batches listed are subject to General Terms / conditions attached in this same file.
2) HOLIDAYS within the course period will be informed to the participant along with the respective course confirmations.
3) Few of the courses (especially 10 days) may have Sat/Sun closed.
4) All above SIEMENS PRODUCT COURSES are mainly suitable for all our INDUSTRY-Customers.
5) But we also have SPECIAL BASIC COURSES (Covering all areas above) but mainly suitable for COLLEGE-Customers.
6) Course Fees once paid are NON-REFUNDABLE. Adjustment in batch dates / substitution of participants can be considered on case basis.
7) Even if particular course or batch appears in calendar, Siemens-SITRAIN reserves right to cancel the course/ batch in case if there are insufficient participants or lack of resources due to unexpected reasons at last moment. Hence it is strongly recommended that customers (especially participants) should communicate & get it confirmed with Siemens-SITRAIN about the course happening (including seat confirm).

SITRAIN General terms & conditions for ACCESS

The customer may purchase products (hardware and software) and services of the Siemens Digital Industry Academy division of Siemens Ltd in accordance with these General Terms and Conditions for SITRAIN personal (on-site training) and SITRAIN access (digital learning offering) (referred to hereinafter as “GTC”). The scope, quality, and all conditions for the products and services are defined exclusively in these GTC, the conditions referenced in this paragraph, any supplementary written agreement, and, to the extent applicable, the terms of use for SITRAIN access. These GTC apply exclusively to orders placed with Siemens Ltd; orders placed with other Siemens entities/ Regional Companies are subject to their respective terms and conditions.

Unless otherwise stated in these GTC, the following terms and conditions in their respectively current versions shall apply secondarily:

(i) In addition, the conditions for electronic order filling may apply if provided during the electronic order filing process.

(ii) If the customer’s registered office is not located in Germany, the Terms and Conditions for Domestic Business for India shall apply.

(iii) If the products and services contain software not located in the Software Licensing Conditions shall apply.

2 Bookings

For SITRAIN personal, the customer may book individual courses. SITRAIN access is offered as subscription. During the subscription term, the customer may use all released training offers within SITRAIN access. In addition to the general subscription offering, individual courses may be booked for SITRAIN access.

If desired, the customer may instruct his Siemens advisor to set up a group account. To do this, the customer must designate an employee as a representative vested by the customer with all the powers of an authorized representative. This representative can perform bookings for all the customer’s employees and view their training history. The representative can assign courses to the employees directly via SITRAIN access. If a group account is set up at the customer’s request, the customer will be responsible for ensuring that the representative will access the group account in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations, particularly including data protection laws and regulations. Siemens will inform the employees who are assigned to the representative. In case of an incorrect assignment, the customer shall inform Siemens immediately.

3 Prices and payment

Prices are stated in INR before the sales tax applicable at the time when services are rendered, excluding packaging and transportation. In case of proven additional duties or taxes due to course conduction abroad on customer request, these will be charged additionally.

SITRAIN personal The prices of standard training measures are indicated in the respectively valid Siemens “SITRAIN” Training Offering ( for India, and are stated per participant. The prices of individual courses, including individual instruction, are indicated in the respective individual agreement.

Siemens reserves the right to make reasonable price changes and will charge the prices applicable at the time of each delivery. This does not apply to price increases for services that are rendered within four months of contract closing.

Accommodation, lodging, food, care, and travel expenses are not included in the course prices.

The offerings for SITRAIN access (digital learning offering) are indicated in the respectively valid Siemens “SITRAIN” Training Offering ( for India. It is valid for customers with seat or residence in India and regularly applies for a term of one year other than the booking of individual learning units. In case the customer is in breach of the territorial restriction, Siemens has the right to lock his/her account without refund of any prepaid amounts.

Invoices are payable without deductions within 30 days of invoice receipt by bank transfer to an account indicated in the invoice.

Siemens may refuse to render the services owed under this agreement if the customer is in default of its payment obligations or does not fulfill other obligations under this agreement, or not in due time.

The customer may only set off uncontested or finally adjudicated claims or assert a right of retention based on such claims. Moreover, the customer shall be entitled to exercise the right of retention only with respect to such claims that are directly related to this agreement.

4 Services of Siemens and reservation of right to make changes

Siemens is entitled to render the services itself or have them rendered by sub-contractors.

The services of Siemens for SITRAIN personal comprise:

(i) Course execution;

(ii) Provision of course-accompanying documents;

(iii) Provision of necessary tools; and

(iv) Issuance of a participation confirmation of course attendance.

The services of Siemens for SITRAIN access comprise:

(i) Access to learning platform SITRAIN access for the subscription period;

(ii) Access to booked learning units;

(iii) Issuance of a participation confirmation after completion of a learning unit;

(iv) Provision of documents for download, if included in the respective learning unit.

The courses to be executed by Siemens are services and, as a general rule, no concrete success is owed.

Siemens expressly reserves the right to adapt the contents of the training courses to the current state of the art without prior notice. This could lead to differences from the course descriptions in individual cases. Siemens also reserves the right to make other minor content-related or organizational changes (such as, for example, change of instructors/ trainers), provided that the overall character of the training courses is preserved in such cases. The customer is not entitled to have the training courses executed by a certain instructor or trainer.

Siemens will execute the respectively ordered courses for SITRAIN personal in the training centers made available by Siemens.

At the customer’s request, Siemens will also execute the courses in the customer’s own or rented premises. In this case, changes to the present GTC may be agreed. In this case, the customer will be responsible for providing the infrastructure, e.g. computers and presentation media, insofar as they are not provided by Siemens. Siemens will inform the customer of the required infrastructure in advance.

If the customer’s systems are used for courses, it is the customer’s responsibility to implement suitable and adequate security measures to protect its own data and programs from loss, destruction, or damage.

Sample applications, exemplary data sets or simulations which are used or provided to the customer within the training courses have been created for training purposes and are not subject to the regular tests and quality testing of a payable product. It is in the customer’s own responsibility to use these sample applications, exemplary data sets or simulations outside of the training environment and the customer has to test their function and to adapt them to its facility.

5 Special conditions for SITRAIN access

When customer books an account on SITRAIN access, Siemens grants to customer the non-transferable, non-sub-licensable, time-limited and revocable right to access and use, the services only for internal purposes of the customer as an end-user and to use the service by himself or by his employees (authorized users). Siemens will, after a reasonable processing time, provide access credentials to the authorized users on customer’s request. Per each authorized user, one account will be provided. The authorized users may not pass on their login data/passwords. In case of passing on, Siemens reserves the right to lock the account without refund of already paid amounts.

Siemens will provide access to SITRAIN access subject to commercially reasonable efforts and operational requirements (e.g. maintenance and security). Necessary downtimes will, to the extent possible, be announced, with reasonable advance notice on the SITRAIN access website. In case access to SITRAIN access can nevertheless not be granted, Siemens will use commercially reasonable efforts to restore the access, or if such restoration would not be possible within reasonable time or commercially reasonable efforts, to terminate SITRAIN access and refund any prepaid amounts on a pro-rata basis for the remaining subscription term. Any further remedies are excluded.

Siemens reserves the right to modify, in particular modify individual features, and discontinue SITRAIN access at any time for as long as the overall character of SITRAIN access as learning platform remains and its functionality or security features are not degraded. For current subscriptions, Siemens may degrade or discontinue the service only in case of (i) legal requirements; (ii) changes in the services imposed by Siemens’ subcontractors; (iii) the termination of our relationship with subcontractors whose services are material for the provision of SITRAIN access; (iv) security risks. Siemens will notify the customer of any material degradation of functionality or the discontinuation at least 15 days prior to such change, and the customer may terminate the service until the change effective date. In the event of such termination or discontinuation of a service, Siemens will refund any prepaid amounts for the applicable service on a pro-rata basis for the remaining subscription term.

The customer is responsible for all activities that occur under his account and has to ensure that his authorized users will use their account for SITRAIN access in accordance with the following requirements: In particular, authorized users may not use the account (i) to perform any activity that is unlawful, or that is harmful to or interferes with any use of the services, the network, systems and/or facilities of the provider hosting the services; (ii) to knowingly store, process, publish, or transmit any threatening, infringing or offensive posts, or material that constitutes spam/E-mail/usenet abuse, or a violation of any party’s privacy, intellectual property or other rights; (iii) for any purposes other than the internal use of the customer, in particular for the purposes of a service bureau, outsourcing, lease, sub-licensing or time-sharing, or in any manner that would allow the use of a single user account by multiple users; (iv) to perform any activity intended to circumvent the security measures of Siemens or a subcontractor of Siemens. Siemens can change login data at any time if necessary at Siemens’ discretion. In case of a breach of any of the foregoing requirements, Siemens is entitled to block the respective user account and, in case the breach concerns the entire customer account, to terminate the contract without refund of any prepaid amounts.

The customer is responsible for securing and maintaining an internet connection and suitable connectivity for the use of SITRAIN access at his own expense.

Siemens retains the right to increase the fees for SITRAIN access due to cost increase, in particular increase of the collectively agreed wages, costs for infrastructure or fees of suppliers or a significant expansion of the offer, yearly with effect of October 1st. The increase of the fees will be announced at least three (3) months before entry into force so that the customer retains the termination right according to the preceding paragraph in this case.

6 Course dates and times

6.1 The dates and times for the standard courses are indicated on the websites of Siemens (

The dates for live courses/transmissions for SITRAIN access can be found on Siemens’ website (accessible via

6.2 The dates and times for individual training measures, including individual instruction, will be agreed individually between Siemens and the customer.

7 Cancellation of courses by Siemens

7.1 Siemens reserves the right to cancel courses when (for example) the minimum number of participants required to execute a course economically is not attained, or if the course cannot be executed due to illness of the trainer or other technical reasons for which Siemens is not responsible (e.g. defective training devices, etc.). Before cancelling the course, Siemens will attempt to find another suitable trainer to execute the course or postpone it to another date and time, if this is possible. Siemens will inform the customer immediately of cancellations of courses.

7.2 If Siemens cancels a course, the customer will receive a refund of the fee paid in advance for the cancelled course. Any further claims or rights based on the cancellation of course are excluded..

8 Cancellation by the customer

SITRAIN personal:

The customer may cancel the agreement in writing at any time prior to the agreed start of the course. If notice of cancellation is not given at least ten calendar days before the beginning of the course, the customer will be charged 80% of the agreed total price for the course.

If the cancellation is notified earlier, the cancellation will be free of cost for the customer.

If a participant does not appear for an agreed course without prior notice of cancellation, 100% of the order value will be charged.

A training course may be discontinued at any time. In this case, Siemens will charge 100% of the order value.

SITRAIN access

The customer may cancel the agreement in writing at any time. In this case, Siemens will charge 100% of the order value.

9 Unutilized services

9.1 Unutilized courses will be forfeited twelve (12) months after order confirmation, without claim to refund of the fee.

9.2 If the customer purchases courses in the form of a contingent which the customer can then access as needed, execution of the courses may be claimed only in the respective contract year and may not be transferred to subsequent contract years.

9.3 No refund of unutilized courses from prior contract years will be paid..

10 Copyrights

10.1 Siemens grants to the customer the non-exclusive right to use the hardware and software products delivered to the customer or made available to the customer during the courses without modifications and exclusively for training purposes.

The customer may not extract, reverse-engineer or translate, or copy these software products provided for training purposes, or take out program parts, not copy any online content, or use them in some other, unapproved way.

The documentation and training documents provided to the customer (referred to hereinafter as “documents”) as well as online content are intended solely for the personal use of the customer. The documents may not be reproduced, reprinted, or translated by the customer, either as a whole or in parts. The customer is also not allowed to divulge or commercially exploit the contents of the documents. Online content must not be copied.

10.2 The taping, filming, photographing, or other recording of courses and contents are prohibited.

11 Safety regulations

Course participants are obligated to observe the safety and accident prevention regulations in effect on the business premises of Siemens or in other training locations, as well as the security regulations, particularly including access regulations, in effect there. Data carriers brought by the course participants may not be used on the computers of the training center, as a general rule.

The customer will ensure that course participants observe Siemens’ safety-relevant instructions.


13 Export control provisions

If the customer (including any of its users) transfers information, software and documentation provided by Siemens to a third party, the customer shall comply with all applicable national and international (re-) export control regulations.

In any event of such transfer the customer shall comply with the (re-) export control regulations of the Federal Republic of Germany, of the European Union and of the United States of America.

Siemens shall not be obligated to fulfill this agreement if such fulfillment is prevented by any impediments arising out of national or international foreign trade or customs requirements or any embargoes or other sanctions.

The customer shall indemnify and hold harmless Siemens from and against any claim, proceeding, action, fine, loss, cost and damages arising out of or relating to any noncompliance with export control regulations by customer or any of its users, and customer shall compensate Siemens for all losses and expenses resulting thereof, unless such noncompliance was not caused by fault of the customer or any of its users. This provision does not imply a change in burden of proof.

The customer shall not disguise its seat, current residence, or geographic position. In case the customer or any of its users are in breach of this obligation, Siemens has the right to lock the respective account without refund of any prepaid amounts.

14 Additional terms and conditions

Physical dimensions are stated in millimeters (mm). Unless otherwise noted in the individual pages of this catalog, Siemens reserves the right to make changes, particularly to the stated values, measurements and weights.

Subject to change, errors excepted.