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Security Awareness Training (EN) Sensibilisation à la sécurité (WT-CYBER)


  • The learning program "Security Awareness Training" is divided in three chapters including a final test. The focus is on realization of threats regarding IT systems in production and use of appropriate security measures. The learners obtain information about relevant principles for avoidance of security threats, which impair plant processes.


  • After working through this web-based training, you will know threats and attack surfaces of automation systems in companies. You will also know how companies generally protect themselves against these types of security risks and appropriate measures you can take as an operator or machine operator in your field of activity to recognize security threats and to protect plant operation.
Type E-Learning
Durée 60 Minutes 60 minutes
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Groupes cibles

  • The following tutorial is aimed primarily at plant operators and machine operators of automation systems in industrial environments.

Programme / Contenu

  • Chapter 1: Vulnerabilities of automation systems and their threat level
    • Hidden security risks based on an example
    • Effects and consequences of security violations on the daily routine of employees
    • Importance of security awareness in industrial plants
    • Potential attack surfaces
    • Consequences for companies of security violations involving attacks on automation systems

  • Chapter 2:Measures for increasing security from the company's perspective
    • Statutory requirements and guidelines
    • Risk management process
    • Defense-in-depth as a strategy for plant protection
    • Physical security measures
    • Technical security measures

  • Chapter 3: Measures for increasing security from the operator's perspective
    • Protection against social engineering attacks
    • Proper management of passwords and user accounts
    • Prevention of dissemination of sensitive information and data
    • Access protection for equipment and critical systems
    • Recognizing and reporting suspicious activities


  • There are no prerequisites for the learners.


  • none