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  1. Siemens teollisuuden koulutus
  3. DI-AUTOEN - Description

Totally Integrated Automation in the Digital Enterprise - Automatic execution of engineering tasks (DI-AUTOEN)

Short Description

  • Olemme tuomassa tätä koulutusta Suomeen ja ensimmäiset kurssit toteutetaan Saksalaisten kouluttajien avulla, englanninkielisinä.


  • Digital Enterprise, your path to Industry 4.0 - discover your possibilities. Today's technologies are so complex that, in order to keep up to date, it is almost essential for the training to be performed on the software and the associated training devices.
  • The target group of these course is comprised of configuration engineers, project planners and programmers working for medium-size and large-scale industrial companies, who deal with the automatic execution of engineering tasks. This includes the generation of PLC programs and HMI visualizations.
  • This course gives you an overview of Totally Integrated Automation in the Digital Enterprise as your way towards Industry 4.0 and an overview about the interaction of the various software packages, so that you will be able to assess them after completing the course.
  • The objective of the course is to achieve higher efficiency in the creation of PLC code and HMI visualizations for modular machines. This is achieved by:The automatic execution of repetitive processes for identical functions
  • A code that can be generated more quickly and more reliably for the same processes
  • Reducing the engineering effort demanded by user interfaces, while standardizing the visualization across the plant
  • Automatically generating and creating the visualizations, based on the program code of the controller and of corresponding visualization objects within the framework of system-wide library concepts
Type Face-to-face training
Duration 5 days 5 päivää
Language en

Target Group

  • Configuration engineers
  • Project planners
  • Programmers
  • Planners


  • Digitalization - Industry 4.0
  • Automatic execution of engineering tasks
  • Standardization as the basis for digitalization
  • Modularization of a machine
  • Standardization and storage with the aid of the TIA Portal library
  • Practical insight into standardized programming
  • Standards in automation
  • TIA Portal Openness and types of automated code generation
  • Hardware and software generators and data exchange with ECAD
  • Adaptation of a project generator
  • The need for program tests
  • Program block test based on PLCSIM Advanced
  • Principles of the automated generation of visualizations
  • Steps for generating visualizations with SiVArc
  • Introduction to TIA Portal OpennessImporting hardware from another engineering platform in the TIA Portal
  • Executing functions automatically via Openness in TIA Portal
  • Introduction to SIMATIC Visualization - SiVArcDemands on the PLC project in terms of standardization and structuring
  • Planning of automatic visualization
  • Automatic screen generation


  • Good knowledge of automation engineering
  • Knowledge of SIMATIC S7 appropriate to TIA-PRO2 or TIA-SYSUP, and practical experience of the application of this knowledge


  • Kurss ja materiaali on englanninkielinen. Kurssi ei ole osa koulutussopimusohjelmaa, sillä SITRAIN-Suomi ei toteuta koulutusta.


1,850 EUR