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Market terms for North America (WT-UL-MOD1)

Short Description

  • You will obtain a comprehensive insight in the American and Canadian standards and codes that are relevant for exporting a product to North America and you will know what to pay attention to in practical cases.

    This Web Based Training consists of five chapters and a non-obligatory final test. Chapters one to four refer to market access conditions for USA. The fifth chapter describes the relevant information for Canada.

    The first chapter deals with relevant information concerning exporting and commissioning in the USA and helps you gaining an overview of relevant organizations.

    The second chapter explains relevant application standards for industrial control panels and industrial machinery, the structure of these standards and important terms and definitions used in the standards which can be different in their usage in Europe.

    In the third chapter, the product selection and product standards are explained as well as the certification and test marks, which play also an important role for the product selection.

    The fourth chapter consists of the acceptance options which decide over the commissioning of an industrial control panel or machinery in the USA. The last chapter includes all relevant information for the Canadian market.
Type E-Learning
Duration 2 hours
Language en

Target Group

  • executive decision-makers
  • marketing and in purchasing
  • electrical planners
  • and project planners


  • Chapter 1: General information about exporting to the USA
    • Introduction
    • Relevant organizations
  • Chapter 2: Application standards for industrial control panels
    • Introduction
    • Relevant application standards
    • Important terms used in the standards
  • Chapter 3: Product selection and product standards
    • Product standards
    • Certification and test marks in the USA
    • Information relevant to configuration
  • Chapter 4: Acceptance options
    • Introduction
    • General Information about acceptance in North America
    • Routes to acceptance
  • Chapter 5: Information on exporting to Canada
    • Introduction
    • Relevant Canadian organizations
    • Relevant Canadian standards
    • Acceptance in Canada
  • Final test


  • Grundkenntnisse der Automatisierungstechnik
  • PC mit mindestens:
    • Microsoft Windows XP / 7 oder höher
    • Microsoft Internet Explorer 10.x
    • flash player version 10 oder höher
    • Internetanschluss
    • Software der Gewährleistungsklasse A


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