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TIA Portal V16 Digital Training for Highlight - and Trend Topics (WT-TIAV16)


  • This interactive web based training offers you an overview of the hardware and software innovations of TIA Portal V16. New functions of TIA Portal V16 will be presented, for example, optimized software development and test, the brand new HMI System WinCC Unified. Additionally, many innovations will be presented to you through screencasts.Selected topics will be presented to you with Screencast for practical in depth information.
  • Start the WBT with the link, take care to use your login for the Industry Online Support


  • A booking via tab „Dates and Registration" is not necessary.
Type E-Learning
Duration 3 hours
Language en

Target Group

  • Decision makers
  • Sales personnel
  • Planners
  • Programmers, Engineering personnel and Commissioning engineers
  • Maintenance and Service personnel


  • Introduction
  • Tipps & Tricks TIA Portal (including (highlight) websites, brochures, SoMe, …)
  • Future of Automation
  • Industrial Edge
  • WinCC Unified
  • Software quality, functional test, project management, versioning (VCI)
  • Energy messuring and -management (incl. load management)
  • Projecting (HMI and) PLC (incl. TIAP Cloud TRIAL, OPC UA, …)
  • Industrial Security


  • This web based training does not claim to show all innovations of TIA Portal V16 completely, rather, is limited to the most important functional innovations.
  • This training is theory-based and also includes programming examples (Screencasts). You can access the training free of charge easily via a registration at the Industry Online Support page and flexibly navigate between chapters at any time.
  • Start the WBT with the link