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In the era of the industrial digital revolution, the skills of individuals are a key factor for success – for everyone in every company. Ongoing professional development ensures competitiveness and innovative strength.

The aim of the WBTs is to provide relevant content on the moment - worldwide. The training sessions are structured to explain each of the different topics quickly, in an easily understandable and illustrative way. Unlike scheduled locally held training seminars, WBTs are available at any time online in (almost) any location – and can be viewed any optional number of times, 24-7.

Platform change of SITRAIN web-based trainings to SITRAIN access

As of October 1, 2020 free web-based trainings will no longer exist in this kind of offering. In the future, these will be available on our digital learning platform SITRAIN access. The web-based training courses and other learning content can be used on SITRAIN access via an annual membership. By becoming a member, you also acquire all other advantages of SITRAIN access - convince yourself at

The web-based trainings you have booked so far can be accessed and processed until 30.09.2020. Beyond that you can download the certificates you have acquired in MyTraining under MyLearning -History - "...". However, we recommend that you store the certificate locally, as we will not be able to offer you any support for it after 01.10.2020.

SITRAIN Expert TalksĀ 

With the SITRAIN Expert Talks we give you an opportunity to get to know a format of our learning platform SITRAIN access. In a live format of about 60 minutes, our SITRAIN experts present new and exciting topics related to Siemens Digital Industries products and are available to answer your questions.

SITRAIN Expert Talks

Web Based Trainings

Low-voltage - Power distribution

Low-voltage switching technology needs economical solutions that can be easily integrated into control panels, distribution systems or decentralized systems, and communicate perfectly with each other.

LOGO! Web Based Trainings

Get to know the basic principles an d benefits of LOGO! and LOGO! Soft Comfort with these web based trainings.

SITRAIN online training worldwide

SITRAIN - Digital Industry Academy

Today’s demands on our knowledge are every bit as diverse and dynamic as our profession itself. We keep learning more and longer – for our work, for our career, and for ourselves. The fusion of the real and digital worlds opens up countless possibilities. But knowing how to use them requires special skills and knowledge.We take you by the hand and provide you with the knowledge you need.

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