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  2. WT-GAT-M - Beschreibung

Basics of Drives - Motors (WT-GAT-M)


  • Electrical drive technology plays an important role in industry, mobility and infrastructure. A general knowledge of drives systems is therefore essential for the performance of planning, commissioning and maintenance work. This training provides basic knowledge about electric motors (e.g. SIMOTICS), as used in industry and infrastructure.
Typ E-Learning
Dauer 2 Stunden
Sprache en


  • Synchronous motors:
    • Magnetic forces
    • Design of rotor and stator
    • Applications
  • Asynchronous motors:
    • Operating principle
    • Design
    • Startup on mains and on converter
  • Reluctance motors:
    • Operating principle
    • Design
    • Applications
  • Final test