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  2. WT-MD-Q - Beschreibung

MD Qualifying - Product Portfolio (WT-MD-Q)


  • MD-Qualifying is intended for new colleagues in sales and office work, who have to tackle the following challenges in future: industrial gear units, industry-specific gear units, industrial couplings and geared motors.
  • The course is also aimed at colleagues in sales areas related to Mechanical Drives.
Typ E-Learning
Dauer 2 Stunden
Sprache en


  • Decision makers, sales personnel, internal service
  • Project managers, project assistants


  • Mechanical drives in the drives train
  • Gear units:
    • Basics of gear units
    • Basics of toothed gears
    • Flender toothed gear units
    • Basics of planetary gears
    • Planetary gears PLANUREX 2
  • Couplings:
    • Basics of couplings
    • Elastic couplings
    • Highly flexible couplings
    • Torsionally stiff couplings
    • Highly dynamic fluid couplings
    • Applications
  • Geared motors:
    • Basics of geared motors
    • Types of geared motors
    • Modular system
  • Oil supply units