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E-learning is the perfect way to learn about flow when it is more convenient for you. Learn about our competences and products in a fun and interactive way. Anytime. Anywhere.



The SITRANS FCs is our line of Coriolis flowmeters. To learn all about the products you can book our e-learning packages in your prefered language below. You can also select a language and find individual chapters instead, however, we recommend to book the package as new chapters will then be automatically added to your personal training list.

Image SITRANS FS e-learning

SITRANS FS e-learning

Learn about the ultrasonic technology, the new clamp on portfolio and commissioning of the SITRANS FS230.

Calibration e-learning

Calibration is a Core Competence at Siemens A/S, Flow Instruments  and it is also very important for our customers. With our e-learning   about calibration you will get a throrough introduction to calibration in general and to own our calibration.

SITRANS FX330 e-learning

Learn all about the SITRANS FX330 vortex flowmeter in our e-learning. We will explain the complete product program.


Not all courses described in this page are available for non-Siemens employees

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