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MindSphere Basic application development training (MS-BASDEV)

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  • Learn the fundamentals of technical design and implementing MindSphere applications. During this three-day training you will gain detailed insight into MindSphere architecture and the MindSphere application programming interfaces (APIs), while also learning about its security concepts, permission model, request routing and the MindSphere RESTful API. As part of the hands-on practices, you will do everything from developing and deploying HTML and JavaScript front-end applications to visualizing your MindSphere data using the dashboard functionality. Moreover, you will create your own Node.js microservices that communicate with the MindSphere ecosystem.


  • This training enables you to:
  • • Use APIs to develop HTML/JavaScript frontend applications for MindSphere
  • • Write microservices used for develop-ment of applications while using the MindSphere API
  • • Run MindSphere applications in the cloud
Type Face-to-face-uddannelse
Varighed 3 dage
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  • • Software developers
  • • Software architects
  • • Research and development (R&D) managers


  • • Cloud Foundry basics
  • • Web development basics
  • • MindSphere architecture
  • • MindSphere API
  • • MindSphere security concepts
  • • MindSphere request routing
  • • Use of MindSphere Backing Services


  • • Development experience with:
  • • Node.js (JavaScript)
  • • HTML
  • • Laptop with USB port and ability to connect to the internet via Wi-Fi or cable


11.250 DKK