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Monitoring and Configuration of Industrial Networks (IK-MONCON)

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  • The complexity and number of participants in Ethernet-based production networks are constantly increasing due to growing requirements. Given that production losses can result from the failure of individual device in such networks, it is critical to maintain transparency through continuous network monitoring.


  • At the end of the course, participants will be familiar with the requirements and solutions for monitoring industrial networks with SINEMA Server, and will be able to monitor, diagnose and document industrial networks with SINEMA Server.
Type Face-to-face-uddannelse
Varighed 3 dage
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  • Technical Sales Personnel
  • Plant Engineers
  • Control Engineers
  • System Engineers
  • Commission Engineers
  • Application Engineers
  • Service and Maintenance Personnel
  • Operations or IT Network Engineers
  • Facility Managers


  • Knowledge in accordance with the course "Ethernet Fundamentals in Industrial Networks (IK-ETHBAS)":

  • Participants should be familiar with topologies, transmission methods, addressing and transport of data, and understand the associated technical vocabulary. It is also helpful to be familiar with thefunctionality of routers and switches, as well as the OSI reference model.


  • Certification (Siemens CEIN-LEVEL):

  • Following the training, there is an option of taking a certification test. This test is part of the certification to become a "Siemens Certified Expert for Industrial Networks", which consists of several individual tests.

  • Please note that before the examination you have to identify yourself by showing a valid photo identification.


11.250 DKK