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  1. Industrial Communication
  2. Industrial Ethernet
  3. IK-ETHBAS - Description

Online-Training - Ethernet Grundlagen in industriellen Netzwerken (IK-ETHBAS)

Short Description

  • The Online-Training Industrial Ethernet Fundamentals provides a broad overview in network technology and mechanisms which are the foundation of today's digital communication. Ever heard of the OSI reference model? This course will give you the insight and takes you on a tour through all seven layers.

    This course is also available as a face-to-face training.


  • Upon completion the participants will gain a foundation knowledge of networking and its applications in industrial environments and will be prepared for the certification trainings of the Siemens Industrial Networks Education program.
Type Online-Training
Duration 3 days The training is splitt in 3 days รก 4 h.
Language de

Target Group

  • Decision makers
  • Planners
  • Sales personnel
  • Configuring engineers
  • Commissioning engineers
  • Engineering personnel
  • Project engieers
  • Maintenance personnel
  • Service personnel
  • Industrie: COOs
  • IT: CIOs, Netzwerkplaner und Administratoren


  • Introduction to Industrial Ethernet
  • Layer 1 - Physical Layer
  • Layer 2 - Data Link Layer
  • Layer 3 - Network Layer
  • Layer 4 - 7


  • This training is recommended before attending the Siemens Industrial Networks Certification trainings.
  • Functional Microphones (Headset) and Webcam


Price includes 10% introductory discount until 30.09.2020.