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  1. SITRAIN Certification Programs

SITRAIN certification programs

Image Certification of your knowledge

Certification of your knowledge

Your employees’ knowledge is your company’s most important resource. But we also know that the requisite knowledge changes constantly and extremely rapidly. At the same time digitalization is leading to new issues and requirements.

Under these circumstances qualification is becoming increasingly important – for employers and employees alike. The SITRAIN Certification Program therefore offers qualified training courses for the entire range of industrial products and solutions from Siemens, with subsequent certification to verify the knowledge gained

Certification in Factory Automation

The German Central Association Electro technology and Electronics Industry (Zentralverband Elektrotechnik- und Elektronikindustrie e.V. ZVEI) has defined new guidelines for further education. Based on the continual advancement in automation technology to the point of Totally Integrated Automation solutions containing industrial communication, operator control and monitoring components, safety technology and the integration of drives in addition to programmable logic controllers (PLC) the following degrees has been defined:

  • Siemens Certified Service Technician Level 2
  • Siemens Certified Programmer

They contain the entire spectrum of Totally Integrated Automation. Each of these degrees requires a further education measure in 3-stages before the examination itself may be taken. With our education spectrum we offer you all opportunities to achieve degrees as defined by the ZVEI.

Siemens Certified Service Technician Level  1

After the second stage of the SIMATIC Service education, you now have the opportunity to take a purely practice-oriented examination for the Siemens Certified SIMATIC Technician. Before the exam itself, you participate in a two-day preparation course in order to be well prepared. In addition to programmable logic controllers (PLC), the exam contains topics such as industrial communication, operator control and monitoring and the commissioning of drives. This examination for Siemens Certified SIMATIC Technician serves as a preparation for the exam.

Siemens Certified Service Technician Level  2

To make it easier for you to pass the examination, we provide two preparation days to brush up on your knowledge before the exam.



Siemens Certified Programmer



Siemens zertifizierte/r Automatisierungstechniker/in für SIMATIC Safety – Projektieren und Programmieren

Only in German available

Certifications in the Process Automation

You can complete the learning path SIMATIC PCS 7 planning and engineering with certifications:

  • Siemens SIMATIC PCS 7 Basic Engineer
  • Siemens Certified SIMATIC PCS 7 Engineer

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PROFINET certification – standardized by PROFIBUS User organization (PNO)

PROFINET is an open and manufacturer-independent Industrial Ethernet standard for the field level as defined by the PROFIBUS user organization (PNO). To remain competitive, companies need competent personnel who have mastered the new PROFINET IO fieldbus technology. SITRAIN is offering two user-oriented courses which will qualify you, as an engineer or an installer, on the new PROFINET installation and communication technology. The courses include a final PNO-certified exam, which consists of theoretical and practical tasks. Upon successfully passing the exam, you will receive a certificate.



Siemens Industrial Networks Education - Certification Program

The future of industry lies in digitalization. And thatʼs exactly why powerful industrial networks are essential – as is the knowledge of how to plan and implement these networks and connect them to a corporate network. Siemens supports you in these areas with the targeted training courses offered by Industrial Networks Education.