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  1. SITRAIN training online FAQ
  2. Technical requirements VLab

What are the technical requirements to attend an online training with VLab?


  • PC with mouse and keyboard or Tablet
  • Internet connection:
    – Data transfer rate of minimum 15 Mbit/s is required with stable internet connection
    – Your firewall must not block access to our virtual Lab "VLab"
    – Your firewall must not block access to websockets
  • Web browser with HTML5 support (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge)
  • Downloads should be allowed by your company (to download exercises and projects)

Additional recommendations

  • Microsoft Teams App
  • Two monitors or one monitor and a tablet
    (Recommended resolution 1920 x 1080)
  • Webcam

Testing the access to the virtual lab application "VLab"

      To test the access to our virtual lab "VLab", proceed as follows:

  1. Open our virtual lab application "VLab" in a web browser:
  2. Start your assigned virtual machine and click on connect button.
  3. On pressing connect button it will open a new tab which will stream RDP/SSH over browser.
  4. Wait for few seconds until you see the stream. Then check if you are able to interact with your virtual machine.