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  2. Industrial Ethernet
  3. IK-OPCSYS - Description

Understanding the OPC Interface - System Course (IK-OPCSYS)

  • In this course you will become familiar with OPC Interface basics, ideas and objectives.


  • The goal is to master the configuration of the OPC Server of Siemens and to understand the use of WinCC, WinCC flexible and Microsoft Excel as OPC clients. Goal of this course is to know the interfaces and methods of OPC, master the basics of programming OPC clients, accessing the OPC server using Custom Interface and Automation Interface, and being ableto optimize the accesses to the OPC Server.That way, you are in a position to read data from the automation world into your personal computer without special programming knowledge, to then be able to further process these in standard Windows applications.
Type Face-to-face training
Duration 3 days
Language en

Target Group

    • Programmers
    • Commissioning engineers
    • Engineering personnel
    • Maintenance personnel
    • Service personnel


    • Benefits of OPC as a manufacturer-independent interface standard
    • The basics and possibilities of the OPC Data Access interface
    • Starting up a PC station with "Advanced PC Configuration"
    • Configuring the OPC Server of - SIMATIC NET - WinCC and WinCC flexible - WinAC
    • OPC Scout as OPC test client
    • WinCC and WinCC flexible as OPC client
    • Industrial Data Bridge as OPC client
    • Microsoft Excel as OPC client
    • The interfaces and methods of the OPC Data Access interface specification
    • The basics of programming OPC clients for the Custom Interface with C++
    • The basics of programming OPC clients for the Automation Interface with Visual Basic and VBA
    • Tips for preventing performance bottlenecks when accessing the OPC interface
  • Exercises on all of the above using selected examples