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Aufbaukurs für Elektroentwickler (SC-S-EXEL)

  • The requirements of the European directives for use in potentially explosive atmospheres are the main topics of the course. This course is aimed at electrical designers who develop equipment for use in hazardous areas. On the basis of the basic course (basics), the requirements for the devices are deepened after a short repetition and examples are shown how the electrical requirements from the standards and regulations can be implemented.


  • This course teaches you the requirements of the standards and regulations that must be taken into account for successful electrical development.
Type Face-to-face training
Duration 3 hours
Language de

Target Group

  • The course is aimed at participants who define devices and circuits for use in potentially explosive atmospheres in electrical development.


  • Introduction
    • Overview of types of protection
    • Electrical requirements from IEC 60079-0
  • Type of protection Ex i
    • Basics/principle of intrinsic safety
    • Application
    • Ignition process
    • Design of electrical assemblies
    • Evaluation of components
    • Components not susceptible to failure
    • Definition of parameters
    • Type tests
  • Marking and documentation


  • - Grundkenntnisse von Gasanalysatoren
  • - Grundkenntnisse in Windows
  • - Kenntnisse im Beurteilen der Ergebnisse von Prozessanalysatoren