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  1. Drive Technology SINAMICS

The right training course for every drive: SITRAIN training


SINAMICS has the right converter for every drive. SINAMICS is based on simple, consistent end-to-end engineering, is energy-efficient, and especially future-proof because it keeps pace with absolutely every innovation step. The range of SIMOTICS electric motors is equally comprehensive. As the core element of the drive system, SIMOTICS can be optimally integrated into the drive train. If you’re looking for a fast, reliable solution that’s the right fit for your application, or want to know which converter or motor is suitable and how they can be put to optimal use, SITRAIN training for industry can help you. SITRAIN has a portfolio of training courses that are perfectly matched to your requirements and your plant’s lifecycle.

Learning paths drive technology

The right training course for every drive

SITRAIN offers a unique range of training courses for the basic applications in your sector. No matter what your application is, whether it’s the operation of pumps, fans or compressors, owering conveyor belts or elevators, processing in mills or extruders, motion control, machining operations (milling or turning), packaging, printing, drilling, or sawing – SITRAIN provides an ideal means of planning, implementing, operating, servicing, and repairing your applications.

Planning phase

Image Planning, calculation, configuration and decision-making

Planning, calculation, configuration and decision-making

From initial orientation to the selection and calculation of the motor. What’s the most effective drive system for you? We provide you with all the information you
need to make the right choice in the following courses.

"Thanks to the good course materials, it is easily possible to use the exercises as a model for actual applications later on."

Statement from participant in a project planning course

General- and project planning courses



Realization phase

Image Parameterization and commissioning

Parameterization and commissioning

From installation to initial start-up. The start-up courses help you optimize the machine settings at your plant to improve production output and reliability.

"Very well qualified trainer who could also see the big picture when answering questions."

Statement from attendees at a start-up course

Start-up courses





Operating phase

Image Fault diagnostics, maintenance, repair and operation

Fault diagnostics, maintenance, repair and operation

From maintenance to fault clearance. Fast and efficient fault identification cuts plant downtimes. In the following courses, you will learn how to minimize the time you spend locating, identifying, and clearing faults.

"Our instructor was very professional. He presented the course very well! This is one of the best courses I`ve ever had."

Statement from attendee at a maintenance course



Maintenance courses



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