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SIWAREX Sensorik / Elektronik FTC-L (SC-WT-FTCE)

  • This training conveys the necessary knowledge for implementation, operation, preventive maintenance and service of a loss-in-weight system based on SIWAREX FTC. The acquired knowledge will be utilized during numerous lab exercises using the training devices.


  • After the training you know the possibilities of the projection tool SIWATOOL FTC-L and you have effective use of comprehensive functions for your applications.
  • Furthermore you will be able to integrate a scale into the SIMATIC environment and also to remedy operational faults.
  • The user will be able to reduce the efforts during project planning and also to reduce downtime in case of any disturbance of your equipment.
Type Face-to-face training
Duration 2 days
Language de

Target Group

  • Project manager, Project Staff
  • Commissioning engineers, programmer
  • Service Staff
  • Operator, User
  • Maintenance personnel


  • General information about the SIWAREX sensor system and its electronics
  • Basics loss-in-weight system
  • Design and structure of a loss-in-weight system together with Siwarex FTC
  • Adjustment and setting of the differential dosing parmeters with Siwarex FTC
  • Trace recording
  • Integration into Simatic S7
  • Troubleshooting


  • Knowledge in Weighing Technology, experience with weighing electronics SIWAREX FTC
  • Experience with SIMATIC S7 (products, programming)


  • The training schedule offers further training for static weighing and advanced training in static and dynamic weighing processes.