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Online-Training - Maintenance and operation of 3WL circuit breakers (LV-CBMAIN)

Short Description

  • The online training is primarily aimed at maintenance and operating supervision personnel. Participants will learn the design, functional principal and operation of the circuit breaker as well as how to maintain it, identify errors and exchange spare parts if required.
    In addition to this, selected functions of the 3WL10 circuit breaker (size 0) will be presented and an overview given of the air circuit breaker communication options.

    This course is also available as a face-to-face training.


  • The online training aims to give participants specialized knowledge about the maintenance and operation of 3WL air circuit breakers.
Type Online-Training
Duration 2 days Training is split in 4 days รก 4 h
Language en

Target Group

  • Operation
  • Maintenance personnel


  • Introduction and basic principles of low-voltage controlgear, switching principles
  • Design, function and operation of 3WL circuit breakers
  • Comprehensive practical unit with maintenance performance, installation and de-installation of the available accessories according to the catalog (such as ETU, motor operator, shunt release), maintenance instructions
  • Introduction in protection settings of circuit breakers (characteristic curves, selectivity, back-up protection)
  • Performing protection settings on the ETUs with practical training
  • Test facilities of 3WL circuit breakers (internal testing, manual tester)
  • Characteristics of the 3WL10 air circuit breaker
  • Overview of communication regarding 3WL air circuit breakers
  • Support available from Siemens (documents, website)


  • Basic principles of electrical engineering and power distribution.
  • Knowledge of technical options and specifications of circuit breakers.

  • You will receive the WBT "Protection systems in low-voltage power distribution" in preparation for the presence section.
  • This will increase your personal learning success in the classroom.


  • Practical exercises on training systems (3WL circuit breakers and demo case).

  • Bring your own work shoes!


Price includes 10% introductory discount until 31.03.2021