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KNX Trainer Course (certified by KNX Association) (BC-KNXT)

  • In addition to a high level of proficiency in terms of the training content, a KNX tutor must have a grounding in bus systems in order to be able to properly answer questions that arise during courses. The aim of this course is to provide precisely that.

    This course is also available as an online training.


  • On completing the course, you will have acquired the knowledge required to deal in-depth with possible issues and situations and to correctly handle various problems that a tutor can encounter. This gives you the authority to work as a certified KNX tutor.
Type Face-to-face training
Duration 3 days
Language en

Target Group

  • Instructor
  • Teacher
  • Lectures
  • Trainer in Adult Education


  • Bus systems of building management and automation systems
  • Structure and tasks of KNX association
  • Requirements for KNX training centers
  • KNX Certification procedure
  • OSI 7498 reference model
  • KNX transmitting media and couplers
  • KNX Microcontrollers
  • Structure of KNX Application software
  • Details of ETS knowledge
  • Detaillled information about KNX interworking standards
  • KNX related standards and mounting hints
  • Theoretical exam 1 h 30


  • Successful participation in KNX Basic and KNX Advanced courses (with exam !)
  • Experience in vocational training, methodics and didactics