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Online-Training - Lighting control in KNX in conjunction with the DALI Bus (BC-KNXDALI)

Short Description

  • The KNX-DALI user online-course teaches the normative basics and provides practical suggestions for using DALI in the KNX system.

    This course is also available as a face-to-face training.


  • You are familiar with the current DALI standards and their implementation in KNX-DALI interfaces.
  • You can safely commission a KNX-DALI lighting system.
  • You are experienced in dealing with error analysis and troubleshooting in the DALI system.
Type Online-Training
Duration 3 days min. 12 hours on min. 3 days

Daily 08:30 am to 4:30 pm
The training times can be adjusted in the course after direct agreement between students and trainer.
Language en

Target Group

  • Planners and installers of KNX systems
  • Electrical contractors and Service personnel
  • Project managers
  • Project team members
  • KNX System Integrators


  • Explanation of the DALI standards group IEC 62386 Parts 1 to 3 (including DALI 2)
    • DALI control gear sensors, actuators and control panels
    • Implementation of standards in Siemens DALI Gateways
    • Planning and commissioning KNX-DALI systems
    • Addressing types in the DALI system
    • Diagnostic options and tools
    • Practice: Simple lighting control with switching, dimming and value setting
    • Design and operation of a light control system via DALI sensors
    • Configure scenes and effects sensibly and put them into operation
    • Emergency lighting ballasts (single battery operated) and their diagnostics


  • Mandatory: Successful participation in KNX Basic, knowledge of ETS5 or higher, Experience in using MS Windows 10 or higher

  • Optional: Successful participation in KNX Advanced course, experience with real KNX projects


  • We use ETS5; the training schedule is split in a preparation phase (between 3 and 7 days before the actual training starts), announced by the trainer, and a 2 days regular training in which the students use a life meeting tool, such as Teams or Circuit, and Teamviewer for remote access to the training laptops. This course is evaluated as a partial module for the qualification "Siemens KNX Building System Specialist" and counts 2 points. (12 required)