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SINAMICS PERFECT HARMONY GH180 - Diagnostics and Service (DR-GH18-DG)


  • You are responsible for service work and maintenance of medium-voltage converters.
  • In this course you will learn how the SINAMICS GH180 converter works in the circuit technology of the multi cell inverters.
  • After the course you will be able to read and understand operating parameters. In the event of a fault, you can carry out a target-oriented troubleshooting and recommissioning. For this purpose, you will also be able to back up data using the Tool Suite PC program.
Type Face-to-face training
Duration 5 days
Language en

Target Group

  • Service personnel
  • Maintenance personnel


  • Design and function of the SINAMICS GH180:
    • Principle of an inverter with multi cells
    • Transformer, power cells and cell bypass
  • Operation, diagnostics and data backup:
    • PC-Program Tool Suite and operator panel
    • Upload, download and comparison of parameter sets
  • Working with circuit diagrams and function charts:
    • Input and output signals, setpoint channel
    • Control with NXGPro Control
    • Interface to PROFIBUS / PROFINET
  • Diagnostics and troubleshooting:
    • Checking the control and status signals
    • Analysis of alarm and fault messages
    • Signal recording via trace function
    • Test functions after replacement of power cells
  • Design and function of heat exchanger units
  • Work safety on medium-voltage installations
  • Practical exercises on special training equipment


  • Knowledge of electrical drive technology
  • The participant must be an electrically skilled person


  • During the course you will work on special training equipment and partly on original equipment, adapted to low voltage (400 V) for your safety.
  • An introduction to the complete system and its operation under medium voltage (> 1000 V) is not covered by the course. This is usually done on site by personnel with the appropriate experience.
  • Course also in German language available, please contact us.