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  1. Industrial Communication
  2. Siemens Industrial Networks Education - Certification Program (SCALANCE & RUGGEDCOM)

Siemens Industrial Networks Education - Certification Program



Siemens Initial Training for Industrial Networks (Siemens ITIN)

These training courses are designed to teach beginners the fundamentals of industrial communication networks. In the web-based training course (WBT), you will learn the basics of creating Ethernet-based networks and deepen this knowledge based on typical examples from industrial practice. In addition, the course will explain the key transmission media, devices, architectures, and technical terminology. The class room training Ethernet Fundamentals in Industrial Networks course provides a complete overview of network technologies and mechanisms that form the foundation for today’s digital communication. Have you ever heard of the OSI reference model?

This course will take you on a tour through all seven layers.

Siemens Certified Professional for Industrial Networks (Siemens CPIN)

These training courses will prepare you for your practical work with industrial networks. You will learn the basic skills for planning, implementing, and securing simple industrial networks. In addition, you will also receive training on how to connect them to a corporate network.

The courses are aligned with international Industrial Ethernet standards and take into account open and flexible architectures. You can obtain a certification at the end of each course.

Siemens Certified Expert for Industrial Networks (Siemens CEIN)

These courses will round out your knowledge and will additionally provide you with expertise in industrial networks. With the training and certification program, you can count on an outstanding qualification, a unique combination of both in-depth and broad knowledge. You will acquire comprehensive expertise in a special field which you can selectively expand through multidisciplinary training courses. Building on the content of the professional certificate, you will deepen your knowledge and skills through additional supplementary training courses in which you will learn how to secure, diagnose, and optimize communication networks. The combination of individual training certificates will make you a Siemens Certified Expert for Industrial Networks.

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