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Analyse mechanischer Schwingungen mit SIPLUS CMS2000 (SE-VIBRO)

  • Preventive maintenance means:
    Optimal life time utilization of machines and facilities
    Effective stocking of spare parts
    Cost-reduction through planed maintenance

    The participants will be introduced to vibration analysis in detail by practical exercises and will be able to transfer the learned knowledge into every day practice.


  • Object of the training is to describe vibration analysis as an integral part of preventive maintenance.
Type Face-to-face training
Duration 2 days
Language de

Target Group

  • Service personnel
  • Maintenance personnel
  • Operators, users
  • Project managers
  • project team members


  • Basics
    • Definition and possible causes of vibrations
    • Acceleration sensors; connection and measuring points
  • Global diagnostic procedures
    • Overview
    • EN60034-14: Measurement at manufacturer's works
    • ISO 10816: Measurement at installation location and examples; Examples of common causes of vibrations e.g. alignment faults, imbalance, housing mounted under tension
    • Alignment faults, imbalance, housing mounted under tension
    • Roller Bearing monitoring through characteristic values
  • Analytical diagnostic procedures
    • Overview
    • Typical frequency spectrums of the most common error sources
    • Roller Bearing monitoring through envelope spectrum
    • Excursion - Causes and effects of roller bearing damages
    • Summary using the example of a drive train
    • Systematic approach to analytical monitoring using the practical example of fan monitoring
    • Practice experience of analytics using the examples "Influence of converters" and "Double bearing"
    • Deeper understanding of contents through practical exercises
    • Analysis examples with Practical tips and tricks


  • Basic knowledge in electrical and machine engineering


  • A personal scientific electronic calculator is needed.