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Online Training - Creativity Master Class (5 weeks) (CREAT-MC-5W)

  • The Creativity Master Class is designed to continuously train your creativity, fostering long-term development as a more creative individual. Creativity is not a straightforward, one-size-fits-all process; it can't be forced. Instead, it's a complex skill comprising various behaviors. Demonstrating these behaviors frequently enhances the likelihood of generating creative ideas and solutions. Much like a muscle, the more you use this creative "muscle," the stronger and more creative you become. The Creativity Master Class comprises five modules representing the five behavior clusters of creativity, featuring a total of 18 sub-modules to help you establish creativity as a routine in your daily (work-)life.

    Science-Based Program: Grounded in the latest research insights, the Master Class integrates proven methods and activities. By focusing on your own unique creativity profile, the class forms an individual learning experience rooted in science.

    Immersive Creativity Experience: The modules explore a wide range of strategies for creative thinking and are supplemented by engaging homework assignments. These are intended to be provocative, interactive, and challenging – motivating you to leave your comfort zone and explore the world of creative possibilities.

    Designed for your (work) life and your team: Everything you learn in the Creativity Master Class is applicable to your professional and everyday life. Creativity is an invaluable skill that can be applied anywhere and everywhere. Don’t miss the opportunity to develop your #1 skill for the future.


  • Understanding the complex ability creativity: Immerse yourself in the complexity of creativity and understand that it lays within each of us. Understand that creativity is not an isolated process but a interplay of various behaviors.
  • Individual creativity development: Learn how you can personally become more creative by further training the 18 behaviors. Unleash your creative potential and discover innovative ways to tackle challenges.
  • Team and organizational creativity: Explore strategies not only to foster your own creativity but also how to lead teams and organizations to creative excellence. Learn how to create and nurture a creative culture.
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Type Online-Training
Duration 47 hours 5-week course with 1 live session per week
Language en

Target Group

  • Regardless of your background or prior experience, this course is designed for anyone looking to advance their skills in the most crucial skill for the future.


  • Learn about the research-based backgrounds of the 18 behaviors that foster creativity.
  • Connection with examples from your everyday work life.
  • Practice these behaviors together with other course participants.
  • Apply them in your (work-) life through tasks and exercises.


  • Curiosity and openness to the topic of creativity. No prior knowledge is required.


  • Curiosity and openness to the topic of creativity
  • Laptop with MS Teams
  • Creativity Master Class Workbooks (will be sent)
  • Pen and paper for notes
  • Optional: Headset (more comfortable for full-day workshops)
  • Environment where you can participate in the Master Class undisturbed without distractions.
  • Total: approx. 47hours:
    • Kick-off: 2 hours
    • 5-week course with 1 live session per week
    • Additional time needed between sessions for preparation, practice, reflection, and tandem tasks.