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Online-Training - KNX Trainer Course (certified by KNX Association) (BC-KNXT)

Short Description

  • Online-Training: In addition to a high level of proficiency in terms of the training content, a KNX tutor must have a grounding in bus systems in order to be able to properly answer questions that arise during courses. By conveying a lot of background knowledge and 50% of practical training our students will reach this target!

    This course is also available as a face-to-face training.


  • On completing the course, you will have acquired the knowledge required to deal in-depth with possible issues and situations and to correctly handle various problems that a tutor can encounter. This gives you the authority to work as a certified KNX tutor.
Type Online-Training
Duration 4 days min. 18 hours on min. 4 days

Daily 08:30 am to 4:30 pm
The training times can be adjusted in the course after direct agreement between students and trainer.
Language en

Target Group

  • Instructors at KNX training centers
  • Teachers at vocational schools
  • Lecturers at universities & colleges
  • Trainer in Adult Education


  • Bus systems of building management and automation systems
  • Structure and tasks of KNX association
  • Requirements for KNX training centers
  • KNX Certification procedure
  • OSI 7498 reference model of serial communication
  • KNX transmitting media and couplers
  • KNX Microcontrollers
  • Structure of KNX Application software
  • Details of ETS knowledge, Diagnostic APPs

  • Exam Theory (Online): 2:30 h


  • Successful participation in KNX Basic and KNX Advanced courses (successfully passed exams).
  • Experience in vocational training, methodics and didactics.


  • We use ETS5; the training schedule is split in a preparation phase (between 3 and 7 days before the actual training starts), announced by the trainer, and a 3 days regular training in which the students use a life meeting tool, such as Teams or Circuit, and Teamviewer for remote access to the training laptops. This course is evaluated as a partial module for the qualification "Siemens KNX Building System Specialist" and counts 3 points. (12 required). This course will also be published on the KNX internet platform