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Siemens Certified SIMATIC PCS 7 Engineer (CP-PCS7-2)


  • The Siemens Certified SIMATIC PCS 7 Engineer exam is held in a regional Training Center.
  • In a theoretical and practical exam your advanced SIMATIC PCS 7 knowledge is tested.
  • On passing the exam, you will receive a certificate. This qualification is a positive verification of your ability and it enhances your chances in the job market.
Type Face-to-face training
Duration 6 hours
Language en

Target Group

    • Project managers, project staff
    • Technologists
    • Configuring engineers, programmers
    • Commissioning engineers


    • Project handling
    • System design - Planning and specifying hardware components
    • Central bulk engineering with the Import/Export Assistant
    • Introduction of control module types
    • Technologic engineering using APL
    • Sequential control using SFC types
    • SIMATIC Logon
    • OS-Multistation and OS Server redundancy
    • The Graphic configuration with selected graphic objects
    • Graphic Object Update Wizard
    • Advanced Process Graphics for a user-oriented process visualization


  • Basic and advanced knowledge of PCS 7.
    • Attending the ST-PCS7SYS course (basic course for SIMATIC PCS 7)
    • Attending the ST-PCS7ASE and ST-PCS7OSE courses (advanced courses for hardware and visualization)


  • For the practical test you need to engineer and commission a complex SIMATIC PCS 7 project based on a predefined task.