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  1. Process Control Systems
  2. SIMATIC PCS neo
  3. NEO-SYSUP - Description

Online-Training - SIMATIC PCS neo System Training for PCS 7 Engineers (NEO-SYSUP)

  • In this online training you will become familiar with the system concept and the general system structure of SIMATIC PCS neo. The course is aimed at experienced users of SIMATIC PCS 7 who already have basic knowledge of the APL or the Control Module Types.

    Also available as face-to-face training


  • In this online training, a real training equipment is available with the help of a secure remote access. You can follow the live presentations of our specialist speakers from your usual learning environment (workplace or home office), ask questions and access the training equipment to apply your new knowledge directly in practical exercises.
  • With the help of descriptive course documentation , you will become familiar with the system concept and the general system structure of SIMATIC PCS neo.
  • You will configure the automation hardware including the distributed I/O with digital and analog signals in SIMATIC PCS neo and test the function in a real training device. In so doing, you will become familiar with the functionality for processing digital and analog signals in PCS neo.
  • In addition, you will configure an imaginary model system step-by-step and commission it virtually. You will learn how to handle the PCS neo engineering tools including SIMIT and the virtual controller on the basis of examples and practical exercises.
  • The course content is designed to familiarize you with flexible workflow options. After completing the training, you will be able to create, operate and test a simple yet technically correct and functional SIMATIC PCS neo project.
Type Online-Training
Duration 4 days
Language en

Target Group

  • Project managers, project team members
  • Technologists
  • Configuration engineers, programmers
  • Commissioning engineers


  • Basics: System overview, new concepts, installation, certificates
  • Hardware engineering with AS CPU 410-5H, distributed I/O and PROFINET, engineering station
  • The first process object: Engineering in CFC with blocks, display in the Monitoring & Control view with block icons and faceplates, downloading the program
  • Basic automation: Equipment engineering with equipment hierarchy, process objects of the APL, including spreadsheet engineering with queries and Excel
  • Use of the virtual controller and SIMIT for integrated testing and virtual commissioning
  • Use of Control Module templates: Templates and template variants
  • Configuration of sequencers: Elements, interconnections for basic automation
  • Visualization in Monitoring & Control: Engineering of process displays
  • User/rights management: User management, access rights for Engineering and Monitoring & Control views
  • Multiuser engineering with session model: Synchronizing changes, locking objects and areas
  • Operation & Maintenance: PO browser, alarm shelving, integrated plant device management with DIM and PDM.


  • Knowledge of SIMATIC PCS 7 as presented in the current version of the SIMATIC PCS 7 system course.
  • Technical requirements

  • For this training you will need a computer with Windows 7 or better Windows 10 and a stable internet connection. We recommend a data transfer rate of 16 Mbit/s. You will require Google Chrome as Internet browser to access a virtual whiteboard and to use our remote learning solution. The platform for this training is Microsoft Teams. We recommend installing the Microsoft Teams app for the best possible use of all functions.


  • Please note that time statements (course start / end) are related to Central European Time (CET), respectively Central European Summer Time (CEST).