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  1. Smart Infrastructures
  2. Gebäudetechnik
  3. BC-KNXA1 - Beschreibung

KNX - Advanced course (certified by KNX Association) (BC-KNXA1)


  • This course provides you with information on the extended options provided by KNX building system technology. Open and closed-loop lighting control, logic, scenes, various transmission media, displays and operator controls, HVAC applications, safety systems, remote signaling, telecontrol and remote alarms, remote parameterization and maintenance of KNX systems are the key areas that you will learn more about.
    It is not an exclusively product-based course and also gives valuable general hints and tips that are essential for successful system programming.

    This course is also available as an online training.


  • This course, which features a practical component of 50%, will deepen your theoretical knowledge through a host of different practical exercises. This certified KNX Advanced course gives you the ability to implement complex user functions in practice.
Typ Präsenztraining
Dauer 5 Tage
Sprache en


  • KNX system integrators
  • Commissioning engineers
  • Service personnel
  • Project managers
  • project team members
  • electrical contractors and fitters


  • Complex room control
  • Interior constant light control
  • Multi-level logic operations
  • Positively driven operation
  • Working with scene controls
  • Display and operation units / touch panels
  • Heating and air-conditioning control, different controllers and actuators
  • Zone temperature control (single room)
  • Light/brightness/humidity/wind sensors, etc.
  • Weather centrals and their various applications
  • Safety and security technology with KNX; presence simulation
  • Interfaces and gateways for remote access
  • KNXnet/IP - communication (Ethernet and Internet)
  • Practical exam 2 h


  • Graduate of KNX Basic Course (BC-KNXBK and/or BC-KNXP) and practical experience with ETS and KNX projects.


  • The number of participants is restricted to 12.

  • Training times regular

  • Monday till Thursday : 08:30 am to 4:30 pm
  • The training times can be adjusted in the course after direct agreement.
  • Friday: 08:30 am to 2:00 pm