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Data communication with Industrial Ethernet (WT-IEOSI)


  • The tutorial program consists in five content-relevant chapters and one non-mandatory final test. It describes the functional principle of data communication with Industrial Ethernet in relation with the ISO/OSI data communication model using the analogy to parcel shipment.


  • This webbased training is part of the "Siemens Initial Training for Indutrial Networks" and gives a first overview on Industrial Ethernet. After processing the tutorial program, the learners will know and understand the meaning of Industrial Ethernet as well as its principle and function in connection with the ISO/OSI data communication model.
Typ E-Learning
Dauer 1 Stunde
Sprache en


  • Decision makers, sales personnel
  • Commissioning engineers, Service personnel
  • Operators, users
  • Maintenance personnel


  • Introduction to Industrial Ethernet
    • The Ethernet standard
    • What is Industrial Ethernet?
    • Ethernet in the automation levels
    • ISO/OSI data communication model

  • Application-oriented layers
    • Application-oriented layers, based on the example of parcel shipment
    • Assignment of services through ports
    • Application-oriented layers in the ISO/OSI model

  • Addressing and transport of data packets
    • Layer 4: Transport layer
    • Layer 3: Network layer
    • Layer 2: Data link layer

  • Transmission media and procedures
    • Transmission media
    • Cabling systems
    • Transmission technologies
    • CSMA/CD - Access procedures