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  2. Gebäudetechnik
  3. BC-KNXD - Beschreibung

KNX Diagnostic / Maintenance: Efficient maintenance of KNX systems (BC-KNXD)

  • The KNX Diagnostics course is intended for all those who wish to learn how to use the necessary tools for faster troubleshooting and analysis in KNX/DALI/IP systems. Basic knowledge of the KNX bus systems and good knowledge of ETS5 are essential for successful completion of this course. The practical training sessions for troubleshooting and servicing on the training equipment are an important component of this course.

    This course is also available as an online training.


  • Upon completing the course you will be proficient in troubleshooting and fault clearance. You can respond quickly to fault messages, as you know exactly what has to be done. This saves you valuable time during maintenance and reduces any downtimes in your system.
Typ Präsenztraining
Dauer 2 Tage
Sprache en


  • Maintenance contractors
  • Service personnel
  • Commissioning technicians


  • KNX system design: Communication, Busdevices, Topology, Telegram structure
  • ETS: HMI design, configuration of the workspaces
  • Practical part 1: commissioning of a predefined project; application of diagnostic and analytic functions of ETS for bus lines, devices and functions (telegrams); line crossing functions (couplers)
  • Practical part 2: Error patterns - retrieve and eliminate, e.g. wrong communication flags, missing or swapped address links; faulty load status of bus devices, wrong setup of interface address; line crossing loop installation
  • Practical part 3: reading and interpreting an existing installation with the tools "reverse engineering" and "EIB-Doktor"; rebuilt the original configuration settings. Learn the options and limitations of these tools.


  • Profound knowledge of electrical installation technology
  • Experince in working with WINDOWS (xP and up)