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SINAMICS and SIMOTICS - System Overview (DR-SYS)


  • You are involved in the marketing or engineering of automation and drive technology. With SINAMICS and SIMOTICS, Siemens offers a comprehensive range of converters and motors. These can be used for basic applications such as pumps and fans - as well as for conveyor technology and cranes - all the way up to highly dynamic production machines.
  • In addition to the most important fundamentals, this training course provides you with an overview of the Siemens portfolio.
  • After the course, you will know the different versions of the SINAMICS family of converters and the matching SIMOTICS motors. You will be able to classify the various applications, and make a first selection of the components.
Typ Präsenztraining
Dauer 3 Tage
Sprache en


  • Planners, decision makers
  • Sales personnel


  • Mode of operation and design of converters:
    • Infeed, DC link, power unit
    • Closed-loop control, communications, supplementary functions
  • Differences between line and converter operation
  • Basic performance converters:
    • SINAMICS V20, V90
  • General performance converters and induction motors:
    • SINAMICS G110, G120, G130, G150, G180
  • High performance converters and motion control motors:
    • SINAMICS S110, S120, S150
    • SIMOTICS S, M, T
  • Introduction to DC converters and medium voltage converters
  • Selection of low-voltage drives using:
    • Application matrix and catalogs
    • DT Configurator and SIZER software
  • Practical exercises for selecting and configuring drives with SINAMICS converters and SIMOTICS motors


  • Basic knowledge of electrical engineering


  • You can extend your know-how when it comes to configuring and engineering in the following training courses: DR-ASM-PL, DR-G12-PL, DR-MCM-PL, DR-S12-PL.