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Online-Training - SINAMICS S120 - Planning and Engineering (DR-S12-PL)

  • You design and engineer motion control drives with highly dynamic performance using the SINAMICS S120 converter system. Special emphasis is placed on dimensioning a servo motor and the power unit - as well as the common infeed for multiple axes. In this course you will learn about the interrelationships between the specified load cycle and the static and dynamic data of the drive. Precise calculations are supported by the SIZER engineering software.


  • After the course, you will be able to quickly and reliably engineer multi-axis drive systems based on the SINAMICS S120.
Typ Online-Training
Dauer 5 Tage
Sprache en


  • Planners, Decision makers, Sales personnel


  • Design and principle of operation of the multi-axis SINAMICS S120 converter system
  • Fundamentals of mechanical and electrical calculations:
    • Load diagrams of motion control drives
    • Influence of gearbox ratio and moment of inertia
    • Overload capability, DC link power, regenerative feedback (energy recovery), line connection
  • Selecting all the components for a complete drive system
  • Configuring using the SIZER software and catalog data:
    • Entering data for mechanical systems and complex load cycles
    • Calculating and selecting the optimum motor and power unit
    • Calculating and configuring multi-axis drive systems
  • Influence of the controlled infeed on the DC link and energy balance
  • Configuring and engineering notes for chassis and cabinet units
  • Overview of interfaces, drive functions and Safety Integrated
  • Practical exercises with the SIZER engineering software


    • Basic knowledge of drive engineering
    • Knowledge of the SINAMICS S120 product range as learned in the DR-SYS training course is helpful