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SIMATIC PCS 7 Integrated Engineering and Simulation (ST-PCS7INS)

  • This course will give you an overview of the integrated engineering products and applications for planning, automating, and simulating process plants in the process industry.


  • You will be introduced to the usage and interaction of the Siemens COMOS, SIMATIC PCS 7, and SIMIT Simulation Framework software products.
  • Using practical examples, you will learn how to exchange data from an existing COMOS project with SIMIT and with the SIMATIC PCS 7.
  • In this way, we will show you how to sustainably participate in the market faster and with higher quality in the planning and implementation engineering phases of plant automation.
  • After attending the course, you will be able to:
    • Select the right software products, interfaces, and licenses for your tasks.
    • Perform the basic work steps for plant planning and automation of a process plant at a prepared workstation.
    • Exchange engineering data from COMOS with SIMIT and the SIMATIC PCS 7 via the SIMIT interface.
    • Perform initial simple tests on a digital twin in the process system to check the quality of your plant planning and your process automation at every stage.
Typ Präsenztraining
Dauer 3 Tage
Sprache en


  • Decision makers, sales personnel
  • Project managers, project workers
  • Programmers, configuration engineers


    • Overview of plant and location structure of COMOS
    • Overview of P&ID planning in COMOS
    • Derivation of a simulation model and data exchange between COMOS and SIMIT
    • Simulation testing in SIMIT
    • Overview of engineering in PCS 7 and creation of the basic process automation structure in SIMATIC PCS 7
    • Planning and configuring of automation functions in COMOS
    • Data exchange between COMOS and SIMATIC PCS 7 and completion of the PCS 7 project
    • Data exchange between COMOS and SIMIT as well as between SIMATIC PCS 7 and SIMIT
    • Testing of the SIMATIC PCS 7 automation project and virtual commissioning of a digital twin of the process plant.
    • Re-engineering in COMOS in case of changes to the automation


    • Basic knowledge of plant planning and process control engineering
    • Practical experience in the process industry and process automation